l’impact Social du Covid-19


The term ’social impact’, is defined as a positive change that acknowledges the social challenge. Or are the set of activities leading to the positive demark on the same. But the recent catastrophic spread of Covid-19 disease, a cause of SARS Cov2(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) and lassitude policies of the governments nationally or internationally, lead to the aversion social aspects quoted here. Where Dictionary of Philosophy, Oxford defines, Social impact as a process that anomalies the person’s attitude viz. Opinions, beliefs and behaviours by some form of social communication, here in this sense it seems like the miscommunication and impassive actions taken by Governments.


UN DESA (The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs), through Division for Inclusive Social Development (DISD), identified the correlation between poverty and outspread, where Global trends suggest poor are suffering disproportionately during the pandemic. The City of NewYork Health suggests exalted positive rates among the poorest in the city, while the contrast in the wealthier neighbourhoods.

Population density seems to be affecting us socially making individuals forbidden to move. The populated coastal areas such as NewYork, Mumbai, San Francisco, along with majorly populated inland cities like Delhi are outraging with positive cases. The data by The Forbes suggests a similar picture. More the density, higher are the norms for stolidity in Social-distancing. A similar correlation is subject to the use of public transit and the pandemic.

Last but not least, affected are older populations and the populations with medical history related to Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart-disease and Chronic respiratory disease. New Mexico with 38% population of 65 or over is worst affected and had recorded 3-4 times fold in weeks.


Increment in Inequality, for the sense here, Racism and class affects medical care and services, acknowledged by The Hindu. The population does play a role amid the formation of Lutyens’ zone of Individuals in the metropolitans for the cause of employability. Thus more of serious social distancing in such cities filled with people seeking employment. By May when the country touched the target of 100 thousand cases, the governments, either state or central tested about 0.17% of the populations which is redundant, instead, The Editorials suggests to check the individuals above age-limit of norms, along with lack of social vaccine and social-mobilisation is the brand to motivate the impassive impacts of Sociology of Covid-19.



As we are moving to visit some psychology so lets fly in that, starting up with ‘Stanford Prison experiment’, a social psychology experiment, its foibles and attributes. Stanford prison experiment headed by Dr. Philip Zimbardo.


Police detained 12 men from their homes and pressed them over in the Cellar of Stanford University. Another 12 men with absolute depersonalization of their individuality, were volunteered as the patrols for patrolling in the Basement (Correction-facility). Duration of Experiment was 2 weeks (early on)Detainees were told about the Experiment, but the Guards weren’t. Thus, Guards were the one under observations and they were explicitly told to maltreat the prisoners.

In those 6 days (reduced because of jerking conditions) what happened was dehumanization, retaliations like using fire extinguishers or stripping them naked, taking out their beds, not-allowing them use Bathrooms., etc, to slightest of the disturbances.


“When people get anonymity and have power over others, they tend to become evil, very often.”


The use of Demand characteristics, by designing the experiment in a way that it has to give certain results. What I mean to say is, Guards were just doing their jobs from what they had seen or listened. In this experiment, everyone was told to maltreat the prisoners and even counselled one of the Guards to act tough.

The experiment demanded certain behaviour and such behaviour was for two reasons: a) People being observed were Guards, so they did, what they feel like being Guards. b) Counselling of those Guards, to act stern and maltreat Prisoners.

So Stanford Prison Experiment is not worth saying that most people are corrupt. But we can conclude here that demand characteristics may lead to a certain behaviour, covering corruption too. Or more easily bad cape will bring your dark side, but what about Superman’s cape? Well, that’s the topic for some other blog.



Design is a problem solving approach which is used to solve basic problems that a common man face in his/her life in some defined local or global context.

Approaching with an example of a water purifier system that runs on electricity gets redundant where there is no electricity, especially in developing countries like Pakistan, and some parts of other SAARC countries. The context here is,”purifying water without electricity” and therefore Designers developed a new water Purifier System that runs on gravitational pull of the Earth.

The basic idea here is, that designing is done to get your work done, to your mark which is compared with standardization of defined context.


Science, a curiosity to understand the happenings around us and a way to make our life more pleasurable, luxurious, and easy and thus makes up a reason fore innovations, creations, discoveries and inventions. Management on the other hand glances up its’ framework to get it a diligent shape.

From the last decade a question has been raised by some Top B-Schools globally, about the unavailability of soap, which were first manufactured in 2800 B.C.(evidences are there in clay containers obtained during the excavation of Babylon) and appeared as a registered product in year 1789 A.D. Still 2.1 Billion people do not access to clean sanitation, where 1.5 million children die each year. In Ghana people suffer with as many as 35 episodes of Diarrhea alone along with other respiratory diseases. With the support of WHO and NGOs, children(whom we call slumdogs) celebrated Hand-wash day(October 15) by performing plays letting their society and us aware of the bright side of the soap-usage and their lively-hood conditions respectively.

Still at present our focus at present is fixed on Science that is somewhere trying to tackle one of the most said fatal disease ‘AIDS(36.9 million sufferers)’ against world’s 35% population dying of not that fatal disease.

I would like to rose up a syntax at the end :




Education is often misinterpreted with literacy in our countries(Asian countries especially). Most of us either being in an agricultural country like India or a supremacy like US do not have such system of education where one can learn the things and get to be at the intersection of both the terms(even with the best university). Here we are trained( like we train our pets) to defeat opponents in the exams or for the competitive platforms. And that system starts right from the homes where we influence our kids to get ready and fall in the queue where everybody fell. Engineering and Medical fills it off primarily as a whole and than some non-primary field. Especially in my country children dies hard to get admission in IIT(Indian Institute of Technology), AIIMS, IISc .,etc.

But when it all ends up THAN WHAT ? .Undergrads ends, and overpopulation and poverty lead an IITian or IIScian to go through a rigorous world of no jobs where talent gets lost and IItian goes into IIM(Indian Institute of Management) or some sort of B-School and some too gets into HBS or Wharton and some goes for research work, some gets lost due to family pressure and some suffer paid off from criticism where a typical private graduate is no where close to them(there are exceptions). Again a layer of competition and than masters than at the same level as before. Some gets sick of the chain, some goes for the doctorate ( DO YOU KNOW WHY?) where they get ₹ 35,000 as JRF and ₹38,000 as SRF (That is way less for living but something is better than nothing😂).

Do you know in this procedure there is no talent or passion, the process here is a Sheep walk in which 2% excels and rest fells in the well.

Image result for sheep walk



There are no subjects where we teach our kids to tell what are the options to be explored. They don’t know what to do in their life, so give them time and let them know and explore the things. Show them problems and let know the solutions of real life, so they may be aware of what’s happening around them, and yes ask them what to do when they will be of your age. Try not to send too young kids in the school indeed home-schooling and they’ll love it and you. Let them say by curiosity ‘they wanna get into some school’ and than find a safest one not The Greatest one.

This is an approach of family in country like Finland, where students are happy and there is no as such greatest school or worst school. Every school is good and their child loves them a lot


There are no as such electives in the Schools where merit electives are not being prioritized before counselling. Let the School and Parents know what Student wants to learn. Currently merit is decamped before choice which typically enjoys three basic streams viz. Science, Commerce, Humanities (in ISC, CBSE & IGNOU Boards) i.e. A student cannot choose to learn Mathematics and Geography together during his Junior College(Class 11/12). Further there is no as such ‘zero’ credit subjects in which basic deals of life are taught likewise ‘Entrepreneurship‘, ‘Moral Ethics’, ‘Secularism’.,etc.

Image result for no standardized testing


Students are not meant for Standardization. There are exams and exams and aga….ain exams in our schools which underdevelops curiosity of a student from solutions to crams (Didn’t we cram something when it is tough to understand ah!!! but what if there were no exams than you are free to approach the problem, you may ask someone, you may go to library.,etc). Of course something is needed to finally categorize the students but it should not be at any and every time in there life.


In India if someone fails to do something in his life he/she becomes teacher, if someone is confused he/she becomes teacher, when someone is free he/she becomes teacher i.e. there is no as such accountability for the teachers. Teacher is not as reputed as Engineer, Doctor or Designer and there commences the problem. Any and Everyone is Teacher and they are not legalized as successful in the society except when his/her students do get admitted into an IIT.



In India the election has a huge impact of religions and is fully or partially supported by the media maybe consciously or subconsciously but not unconsciously. Media comes up with the demand of mandirs and masjids prior to the poverty and education before the politicians. With the time these non-prior issues becomes agenda of the country and literally most debates over the news channels cover up such things;

You might have heard about the words, ‘Hindu votebanks‘, ‘Muslim votebanks‘ these are all gifted by the media to this country. Even the brightest newspapers of the country include the statistics of how much ‘hindu votebank’ or ‘Muslim votebank’ does BJP or Congress has evenly before and after the election phases. Instead of freaking out on the relevant issues, the raising lines of our media are  “Mandir banega ki nhi banega”, “Mandir kab tak banega”, “Mandir kaise banega”., etc. 

Such issues are drawn before the politicians instead of asking about what change they are going to make this society safer for the women, what are the futuristic plans for the citizens, Will there be any strict law to conquer overpopulation.,etc.

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