l’impact Social du Covid-19

Introduction The term ’social impact’, is defined as a positive change that acknowledges the social challenge. Or are the set of activities leading to the positive demark on the same. But the recent catastrophic spread of Covid-19 disease, a cause of SARS Cov2(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) and lassitude policies of the governments nationallyContinue reading “l’impact Social du Covid-19”


PSYCHOLOGY WITH EXAMPLE | LONG READS | 10 MINUTES As we are moving to visit some psychology so lets fly in that, starting up with ‘Stanford Prison experiment’, a social psychology experiment, its foibles and attributes. Stanford prison experiment headed by Dr. Philip Zimbardo. Overview Police detained 12 men from their homes and pressed them over inContinue reading “ENVIRONMENT AND PSYCHOLOGY”


APPROACH TO DESIGN STRUCTURE | SHORT READS | 2 MINUTES Design is a problem solving approach which is used to solve basic problems that a common man face in his/her life in some defined local or global context. Approaching with an example of a water purifier system that runs on electricity gets redundant where there is no electricity,Continue reading “WHAT IS DESIGN”


Science, a curiosity to understand the happenings around us and a way to make our life more pleasurable, luxurious, and easy and thus makes up a reason fore innovations, creations, discoveries and inventions. Management on the other hand glances up its’ framework to get it a diligent shape. From the last decade a question hasContinue reading “MANAGEMENT SEASONED WITH SCIENCE”


In India the election has a huge impact of religions and is fully or partially supported by the media maybe consciously or subconsciously but not unconsciously. Media comes up with the demand of mandirs and masjids prior to the poverty and education before the politicians. With the time these non-prior issues becomes agenda of theContinue reading “MEDIA AND POLITICS IN SAME BASKET”

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