l’impact Social du Covid-19


The term ’social impact’, is defined as a positive change that acknowledges the social challenge. Or are the set of activities leading to the positive demark on the same. But the recent catastrophic spread of Covid-19 disease, a cause of SARS Cov2(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) and lassitude policies of the governments nationally or internationally, lead to the aversion social aspects quoted here. Where Dictionary of Philosophy, Oxford defines, Social impact as a process that anomalies the person’s attitude viz. Opinions, beliefs and behaviours by some form of social communication, here in this sense it seems like the miscommunication and impassive actions taken by Governments.


UN DESA (The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs), through Division for Inclusive Social Development (DISD), identified the correlation between poverty and outspread, where Global trends suggest poor are suffering disproportionately during the pandemic. The City of NewYork Health suggests exalted positive rates among the poorest in the city, while the contrast in the wealthier neighbourhoods.

Population density seems to be affecting us socially making individuals forbidden to move. The populated coastal areas such as NewYork, Mumbai, San Francisco, along with majorly populated inland cities like Delhi are outraging with positive cases. The data by The Forbes suggests a similar picture. More the density, higher are the norms for stolidity in Social-distancing. A similar correlation is subject to the use of public transit and the pandemic.

Last but not least, affected are older populations and the populations with medical history related to Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart-disease and Chronic respiratory disease. New Mexico with 38% population of 65 or over is worst affected and had recorded 3-4 times fold in weeks.


Increment in Inequality, for the sense here, Racism and class affects medical care and services, acknowledged by The Hindu. The population does play a role amid the formation of Lutyens’ zone of Individuals in the metropolitans for the cause of employability. Thus more of serious social distancing in such cities filled with people seeking employment. By May when the country touched the target of 100 thousand cases, the governments, either state or central tested about 0.17% of the populations which is redundant, instead, The Editorials suggests to check the individuals above age-limit of norms, along with lack of social vaccine and social-mobilisation is the brand to motivate the impassive impacts of Sociology of Covid-19.

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Working with my ambitions to make our earth a better place for us to live. I am Dhiraj Singh, likes to raise issues which are detrimental to our society and to aware people about what is happening around them and in what frequency and the possible consequences.

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