As we are moving to visit some psychology so lets fly in that, starting up with ‘Stanford Prison experiment’, a social psychology experiment, its foibles and attributes. Stanford prison experiment headed by Dr. Philip Zimbardo.


Police detained 12 men from their homes and pressed them over in the Cellar of Stanford University. Another 12 men with absolute depersonalization of their individuality, were volunteered as the patrols for patrolling in the Basement (Correction-facility). Duration of Experiment was 2 weeks (early on)Detainees were told about the Experiment, but the Guards weren’t. Thus, Guards were the one under observations and they were explicitly told to maltreat the prisoners.

In those 6 days (reduced because of jerking conditions) what happened was dehumanization, retaliations like using fire extinguishers or stripping them naked, taking out their beds, not-allowing them use Bathrooms., etc, to slightest of the disturbances.


“When people get anonymity and have power over others, they tend to become evil, very often.”


The use of Demand characteristics, by designing the experiment in a way that it has to give certain results. What I mean to say is, Guards were just doing their jobs from what they had seen or listened. In this experiment, everyone was told to maltreat the prisoners and even counselled one of the Guards to act tough.

The experiment demanded certain behaviour and such behaviour was for two reasons: a) People being observed were Guards, so they did, what they feel like being Guards. b) Counselling of those Guards, to act stern and maltreat Prisoners.

So Stanford Prison Experiment is not worth saying that most people are corrupt. But we can conclude here that demand characteristics may lead to a certain behaviour, covering corruption too. Or more easily bad cape will bring your dark side, but what about Superman’s cape? Well, that’s the topic for some other blog.

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Working with my ambitions to make our earth a better place for us to live. I am Dhiraj Singh, likes to raise issues which are detrimental to our society and to aware people about what is happening around them and in what frequency and the possible consequences.

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