Design is a problem solving approach which is used to solve basic problems that a common man face in his/her life in some defined local or global context.

Approaching with an example of a water purifier system that runs on electricity gets redundant where there is no electricity, especially in developing countries like Pakistan, and some parts of other SAARC countries. The context here is,”purifying water without electricity” and therefore Designers developed a new water Purifier System that runs on gravitational pull of the Earth.

The basic idea here is, that designing is done to get your work done, to your mark which is compared with standardization of defined context.

Published by dhirajskywalker

Working with my ambitions to make our earth a better place for us to live. I am Dhiraj Singh, likes to raise issues which are detrimental to our society and to aware people about what is happening around them and in what frequency and the possible consequences.

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