Science, a curiosity to understand the happenings around us and a way to make our life more pleasurable, luxurious, and easy and thus makes up a reason fore innovations, creations, discoveries and inventions. Management on the other hand glances up its’ framework to get it a diligent shape.

From the last decade a question has been raised by some Top B-Schools globally, about the unavailability of soap, which were first manufactured in 2800 B.C.(evidences are there in clay containers obtained during the excavation of Babylon) and appeared as a registered product in year 1789 A.D. Still 2.1 Billion people do not access to clean sanitation, where 1.5 million children die each year. In Ghana people suffer with as many as 35 episodes of Diarrhea alone along with other respiratory diseases. With the support of WHO and NGOs, children(whom we call slumdogs) celebrated Hand-wash day(October 15) by performing plays letting their society and us aware of the bright side of the soap-usage and their lively-hood conditions respectively.

Still at present our focus at present is fixed on Science that is somewhere trying to tackle one of the most said fatal disease ‘AIDS(36.9 million sufferers)’ against world’s 35% population dying of not that fatal disease.

I would like to rose up a syntax at the end :

Published by dhirajskywalker

Working with my ambitions to make our earth a better place for us to live. I am Dhiraj Singh, likes to raise issues which are detrimental to our society and to aware people about what is happening around them and in what frequency and the possible consequences.

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